The visual alter-ego of Brian Keayes, Australian multimedia artist & designer, is best known for provocative projection art on sculpture and landscapes. He also experiments with crowds as a canvas, encouraging human interaction with light. He has fired lumens in art, music and environmental festivals across Australia, America and Japan. Artworks are based on reoccurring themes of sustainability, environmental science, ancient wisdom and the existential crisis we face collectively as a species.

His artwork has been described as “disturbingly beautiful”, shining light on an almost fatalist future, yet encourages global change through personal action.

Major projects have included an installation on a state of the art 12 metre interactive screen in the new Maroochydore City Hall in 2023, several interactive installations at festivals across Australia in 2019 to 2022, a large scale projection prototype at Burning Man in 2018, a collaboration with Mr Liu Yonggang (China) at Swell Festival in 2017, the closing of Brisbane Street Art Festival in 2017 in collaboration with Queensland Museum, the opening of the Sunshine Coast Arts Prize, the visual program of the Junction Alley Music & Light Festival, Woodford Folk Festival installations in 2015 and 2016, and was a featured artist in NOOSAalive (formally Noosa Long Weekend) in 2018. 

His name and visual equations are inspired by the german mathematician August Ferinand Möbius, whose work in non-orientable sculpture is nonsensical and yet awe-inspiring. 

His work found its momentum while working closely with a number of Japanese and UK DJ’s in Osaka Japan over a 2 year period from 2005. It was there the craft of psychedelic effects and mood altering colours were combined with electronic music to complete a full audio/visual experience.

He holds a bachelor of Multimedia (Queensland College of Art).


Möbius at Home Turf Art Exhibition. Photo by Sarah Keayes / The Photo Pitch